Curtains down

After nearly six years of blogging, getting to know lots of people, learning (and sharing) a big deal about social is time for me to step aside. Blogging has been a fantastic experience and I’ll definitely miss it. I simply have no enough time any longer, or maybe the passion, to keep writing.
I’ll keep the blog available for a while.  Thanks to everyone who enjoyed reading and those who took the time to comment and drop me emails.
And, who knows, maybe one day I’ll start blogging again?


  1. Noooooooooo! Is it an April Fool's Day prank?!

    1. oo yes it must be! Good catch. What a shame if it were true!

  2. It can't be true, this would upset me deeply!

  3. Followed your blog from the very beginning when i was at college and then in my first working years. I've learnt a lot through your blog.
    You'll come back, no doubts.

  4. Pity you're also going. Sadly not many good bloggers left.

  5. April Fool joke....

    Fatsu, please confirm!!! We can’t have your other half disappear like that and specifically not on this day

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