Always lock up your guns

Evolve is an American association that promotes gun safety and the reduction of gun violence, and it is primarily concerned with violence that comes from any casual behaviors related to firearms, as we too often hear on media.
Evolve came up with a very smart campaign with a very clear message; “if they find it, they’ll play with it.” This message targets adults but the campaign uses kids. Kids find everything, their toys...and yours. 
A very well executed campaign (by creative agency McCann), and quite funny too.

Watch the video, will bring you a smile and...make you think.


  1. In Oman, most deaths from guns come from "cleaning the gun" and not having checked that the chambers are empty first.

  2. In our family, guns not usually in use are hung on the wall. Kids could get them I suppose but I haven't heard of any incidence. Bullets are usually locked up however, to prevent kids from being tempted.

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