Enter if you dare

Great opportunity for all geoscience and petroleum engineering students at Sultan Qaboos University. Here is your chance to enter a very cool contest with a total cash prize of 20,000 Euros (that's nearly 10,000 Rials).

The MOL Group, a leading international oil and gas company headquartered in Budapest, has launched a new talent acquisition and development program that offers qualified top talent the opportunity to join MOL Group’s Upstream division.
Not interesting enough? Think again. These guys at MOL have done things the proper way by inviting students from selected universities in 15 different countries. Students must be in teams of three to take part, and the first challenge is a cool online simulation game where participants have to solve industrial and strategic challenges in virtual scenarios. Check it out here, it's pretty awesome!
The second round is the actual live final.
The top three teams will share a total of 20,000 Euros and will get the opportunity to join the "UPPP Technical Placement Program". Registration for the UPPP online simulation game is open until 23 October and all info can be found here. More than 270 teams have already joined, but only one of those is from SQU. Hurry up guys!


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